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Deluxe Economy Steel Popup Marquee

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QuickTop Deluxe is our Economy Steel pop-up marquee. It's perfect for weekend markets and camping. It comes standard with a medium-weight Polyester canopy and wheeled carry bag. Yes, we can print your logo on this Gazebo. 

Give us a call or email for a quote on Sidewalls, Printing and Weight Bags.

  • 3m x 3m Square size only

  • Multiple Colours and Accessories 

  • Can be printed

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From: $189.00


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The QuickTop Deluxe is our entry level, steel frame popup marquee. It has a powder coated steel frame and a push-button open and close system. It comes standard with a 300 denier roof. If you want us to print this marquee for you then we go to the heavier duty 500 denier fabric. QuickTop Deluxe comes in a wheeled carry bag with pegs and straps. You can option it up with other accessories such as side-walls, flags, weight-bags and half-walls. We supply this marquee with an Australian Engineers certification of usage. 

Engineer Certified

This Folding Marquee has been certified compliant for Wind- Various Speed Limits - Australian Standards AS/NZS 1170.2:2011, AS4100:1998, National Construction Code Volume 1 2016, Temporary, Structures 2015 Standard, Building Interim Regulations 2017. Civil & Structural Engineering Design Services Pty Ltd prepared this report exclusively for Shade Australia Pty Ltd. The full report will be made available with each Folding Marquee supplied.

Click here to view summary - For full report please contact us.

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The form fitting 420 Denier canopy is highly water resistant.


The Deluxe has 32mm Steel Square legs and 26 x 13mm Reinforced Truss Bars.

UPF 50+

Sun protection is everything. This QuickTop blocks 99% of UV rays or provides UPF 50+ protection


1 Year Workmanship on the frame, 1 year on the fabric and a lifetime on joints replacement.


Use pegs straps or optional weight bags for added stability. Must be collapsed and secured in windy conditions.


They're not called QuickTops for nothing. No assembly required. Just open the box, place the canopy & pull out the frame. 


Dye Sublimation printing is available on all QuickTops. Provides crisp images and vibrant colours.


Package includes pegs, straps & wheeled carry-bag. Other accessories available.



White Black Red Yellow Green Blue




printed tent diagram

We focus on delivering you with high quality printing that will help make your brand stick out in a crowd.

We use Dye Sublimation printing, which we have found to be the best option for crisp images and vibrant colours.

There are no boundaries when printing your canopy. Keep it simple with just your logo or express yourself with whatever patterns or images you choose. 

Add on some printed Side Walls to highlight your brand even further. Available in single or double sided print.

Create the perfect temporary store front with printed half walls. Available in single or double sided print.

Complete your display with printed flags. Available in 2 shapes - Knife and teardrop.

Click HERE for more information.










Stabilise your frame when you can't peg it down.

Print matching flags with your branding for extra impact.

Block the rain and the wind. Sidewalls can also be printed.

The perfect accessory for printing to display your pop up shop front.

Keep your tent looking its' best with 303 Fabric Guard & Cleaner.




Nylon Joints


Truss Bars


Metal Feet




Made with Nylon Joints to help prevent pinching. Enjoy a lifetime warranty on the joint replacement!


26 x  13 x 2 mm Reinforced Aluminium Truss bars with nylon connectors.


Galvanised Metal Feet that help with strength and stability in all terrains. Helps prevent rust.


The QuickTop Deluxe has an easy to use Quick Release Push Button operation with an auto lock feature.


The QuickTop canopies are connected using velcro. It makes for easy attachement and removal.



The QuickTop Deluxe has the heaviest duty canopy in it’s class.  The form fitting 420 Denier PU canopy offers high shade and rain protection and can be printed with your logo. 

  • The fabric is very pliable allowing it to be left on the frame when folded without damage
  • With its high grade polyester it is highly water resistant
  • it blocks 99% of UV rays or UPF 50
  • Unlike PVC it is not too heavy allowing the frame to be much more easily opened and closed
  • It is an excellent substrate for printing giving clear crisp images

 “Great tent for the markets and I use it every weekend. The side walls are handy and I use them to hang my garments. Easy to setup by myself."

- Rebecca 

Fast and Easy Setup



Relax, QuickTop® Deluxe come with a 1 Year Workmanship Warranty.  Even if something does break we carry a wide range of spare parts and can ship them straight out to you.  Changing a leg or truss-bar is a simple matter of undoing a couple of bolts and fitting the new piece into position. Order online or call us today on Free call 1800 155 233 to discuss your requirements.

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Ease of Ordering

How heavy are these frames?

Approximately 26kgs


Are they aluminium or steel?

QuickTop Deluxe frames are made from steel.


What if I break a part, can it be fixed?

No problem. We can send you out new Truss bars, legs, or joints. All the parts simply unscrew and reattach.


Are they waterproof?

Just ask one of our customers;

"We just want to say how pleased we are with our new Marquee. We used it at the sports carnival and when it rained we had all the computers under it and didn't have a problem. Thanks."

Amanda C.

Can I use them in strong winds?

Not recommended, no. These are a portable tent and not designed to be left up permanently. If using in windy conditions, it is very important that the frame be securely anchored to the ground.


Can I leave them up permanently?

No, we don’t recommend it.


Can I hire them for an event?

Sorry, but we don’t hire our QuickTops.


Where can I see one before purchasing?

You’re welcome to visit us at our warehouse showroom during normal business hours to inspect the quality of the QuickTops.


What colours do they come in? 

QuickTop® Deluxe Gazebos are available in 6 popular colours. As mentioned we can also print the canopies for this tent. For more information on printing call us on 1800 155 233. 

  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Black
  • White
  • And of course we can print your canopy any colour you want.


How long does printing take?

Once we sign-off on your artwork we like to allow 3 weeks for printing. If your job is urgent we can endeavour to speed the process up but you need to check with us first so that we can meet your deadline.


What is the warranty of these marquees?

  • 12 Months against Manufacturing Faults 


  • Frames: 12 Months Frame & Fabic Workmanship Warranty. 

Shade Australia is proud to extend the above warranties on its QuickTop Canopies.

Warranty covers the product for use in normal conditions.  The warranty does not cover damage caused by wind, or misuse. Warranty does not cover canopies which are damaged when the unit is folded incorrectly and the fabric becomes pinched between the arm joints. Care should be taken when folding the canopy away so that this does not occur. Many customers remove the canopies from the frame each time they use their units and although this is a little more work, it ensures that your canopy will remain undamaged when in storage. Should a warranty claim be made it is the responsibility of the customer to get the product back to us or a repair depot which we designate. Alternatively, we can send out spare parts for the customer to fit themselves. Warranties are specifically related to workmanship of the product. QuickTop Deluxe are a light duty marquee. They should not be used in strong winds.

We can deliver this umbrella Australia Wide and Internationally.  


Once we dispatch your QuickTop, we email you the Consignment Number.  This allows you to log onto the couriers website (e.g. TNT) and track your delivery so you know when it is going to be delivered. 

We do our best to ensure your umbrella is packaged securely and arrives safely.

The cost of delivery reflects the actual cost of preparing the item for shipment and the courier charges.  Shipping for us is a service associated with getting your goods to you safely and smoothly.  We do not charge any profit margin on shipping. 

  • QuickTop Frame
  • Canopy is packaged separately
  • Wheeled Carry Bag
  • Tent pegs and straps