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Marquee Accessories

Marquee  Accessories

Make sure you get the most from your new Popup Marquee with a range of accessories including full walls, half walls, flags and weight-bags. Don’t forget we can print you logo onto you half wall, full wall or flag.
  1. Add a half-wall to your popup marque and turn it into a shop. The half wall comes with the support bar. Yes, we can also print your half wall. 



  2. Door Walls are a great addition to get max value from your popup marquee. They have a zip oven and close feature allowing you to keep everything safe inside. 

  3. Weight bags are an important accessory for your folding popup-up marquee. They velcro around each leg adding stability in the wind.

    • Fill with sand or gravel
    • Strong canvas zip bags
  4. Side-walls are a great accessory for your popup marquee. Choose the size and colour you need and keep the sun and rain away. We can also print your sidewalls. Just give us a call on 02 87118990.